New Release! -Blood Sworn-Intermissio 1: In Paradisum

My latest release is a mini-sequel to Blood Sworn 1: Salva Me, and follows the relationship of vampire Jeremy Colbourne, and his blood-sworn host Morgan Holland.

IP Cover 1

Morgan Holland has risked death to protect his master and lover. He faced down a rogue vampire and became a vampire himself, bringing a legend to life in the process. None of this, however, helps with his present dilemma: Jeremy has neglected to provide an heir for the barony. Trapped in Japan for the New Year, Morgan faces what may be his most daunting task ever: the lady chosen to bear Jeremy’s heir wants Morgan as a side dish to the bargain. To make a bad situation worse, enemies contest the family’s rule, and they don’t think much of strangers with pretensions.

Jeremy Colbourne wishes he’d seen to the matter of an heir years ago. The dereliction has come home to roost. His breeding partner wants a taste of Morgan’s legendary blood, and Morgan wants nothing to do with the matter. The impasse puts them in the middle of deadly politics – an ancient enemy wants to undermine the hold Jeremy’s clan has over the Council, and wants to use Morgan to accomplish the deed.

Can Morgan and Jeremy find a compromise before the Council fractures, or will their still-fragile bond shatter under the demands of Jeremy’s family?

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Blood Sworn 1: Salva Me – available now


England, 1816. A nosferatu, a rogue vampire, hunts unchecked through Sussex. Jeremy Takeshi Colbourne is honor-bound by ancestral duty to find and destroy such madmen. Foremost among the vampires of England, he must find a way to ensure the safety of the English citizens and the Nosferii that live among them.

Then Jeremy and his blood-host Morgan Holland discover a brutally savaged girl. With this latest victim of the nosferatu, Jeremy realizes the time has come to make Morgan aware of the Colbourne responsibilities. But the situation could not have come at a worse time.

For years, Morgan has served as Jeremy’s blood-host. Though Morgan adheres faithfully to his Contracted terms, he refuses to surrender to the sexual seduction that completes each feeding. He yields neither his body nor his heart, though Jeremy yearns for both.

As nosferatu’s atrocities grow, Jeremy must ask everything of Morgan to gain the strength needed to fight the ravening monster. Will Morgan relent and give up body and heart to help Jeremy defeat their enemy, or will the battle destroy them both?

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So a Thing happened – Part 2

Back in June, I let you know that I made the *gulp* leap to self-publishing, and that my books would soon be available again.

Well, I made it! Yes! All of my books have been re-released. They’re available now on most publishing platforms, including Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

I also have a new book coming soon – Blood Sworn 1.5: In Paradisum should be released by the end of this month. It’s a short little vignette about Jeremy and Morgan, and the rather thorny problem of Jeremy’s much-needed heir…

Blurb and cover forthcoming soon!


Storm Called re-release available – now just for you!

Ocean City, hot selkies, and a summer storm bring a second chance at love.

Sean Gordon is the head of the North American Selkies. Powerful, ancient, and invulnerable, he controlled the other clans at the cost of his own family. Drawn ashore by an echo of his loneliness, he found a woman who ignited an intense attraction that almost bound him to a life on land. Escaping to the sea with the dawn tide, Sean tried to forget the woman who revitalized his soul.Kerry Duff never expected to see Sean again after their passionate night together in the middle of a frenzied Ocean City spring break. Addicted to the incredible sex she’d experienced with the Scottish shifter, Kerry is driven by an insatiable need to find him. She’s spent the past twenty-one years searching for him among others of his kind.

With an unexpected reunion at the place that started it all, Sean realizes Kerry is destined to be his mate—and she has a secret that could represent the renewal of his clan. But when his ancient enemy learns the secret, they’re determined to exploit this new-found weakness. Can Kerry and Sean trust each other enough to prevent the destruction of his clan and achieve their destiny?

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Coming Soon: Re-release of my Loose Id Books

As you know, all of my titles were previously published through Loose Id, which closed its doors last month. Some of Loose Id’s authors have gone on to other houses, some have gone indie, and some haven’t decided.

I was one of the latter until last week, when I decided I’d embrace self publishing for some of my works. It’s a big leap for me, and I’m both excited and terrified.

That being said, I’ve started the process, and my Challenged by Love series should be up and available for purchase soon. It’s going to be an exciting journey!

So a Thing Happened…

I posted a little tweet with my personal feelings on the #cockygate trademark scandal, and somehow lots of people like it. Thank you! I had no idea my two cents would touch so many. That being said, I do want to say a bit more on the subject and a few others, but that bit needs more that a tweet will allow.

So once more unto the breach.

First, I, like so many others, am currently wading my way through Friday’s hearing transcript (thank you, Courtney Milan!) Despite the positive results on Friday, I am still so incensed by the situation, and by Faleena Hopkins’ brashness in playing the victim after attempting to bully other authors into compliance, that I have a few more cents to toss into the ring.

Trademarking a common-use word is like blocking off a mall parking space so it can be yours exclusively. Get over yourself. No one has exclusive right to a public parking space, and marking it for your own use is about as arrogant as you can get. Attempting to do so is likely to result in an unpleasant confrontation with other angry shoppers. In my opinion, Ms. Hopkins’ trademarking “cocky” rises to that same level of arrogance. An attempt by a relatively unknown author to become an IMPORTANT PERSON. Unfortunately, in all the brouhaha, she’s sort of become what she wanted, though it’s possible she won’t have much of a career once things are over and done with.

In other news that’s been a bit less noticed, there’s #tiffanygate. Seems there’s a problem out there with what’s essentially a bait and switch game designed to maximize clicks and pages read to cheat Amazon’s KU algorithms and cash in. Book stuffing and high-dollar incentives for reviews. Amazon has already made changes, and maybe more are on the way. I’m still reading up on this bit of nasty business, so I’ll say more on that subject later.

To my mind, however, the most unfortunate issue in all this kerfuffle is neither the arrogance of Ms. Hopkins, nor the unethical attitude of those behind book-stuffing, paid reviews, and algorithm cheating. Romance writers fought long and hard–and still fight–to be recognized as “real” authors. How many of us have heard the tired phrase “yeah, but why don’t you write real books?” or heard our hard work derided as “bodice rippers”, “housewife-porn”, or “trashy” no matter how much research, craft, and deft wording we put in?

Now we have an author making a rather public stink, and other authors clearly so willing to rake in the money that they’ll cheat other authors to do so. For those of us who have struggled to eliminate the negative opinion of the romance genre, this type of unethical behavior leaves us all with mud on our faces.

On the other hand, by banding together and vocally opposing such bad apples, we can prove to the world at large that the true romance author community, from publisher to reader, will stand up for what is right. We can show that we will do our utmost to root out those rotten apples trying to spoil our barrel. That we are a united community, precisely because we fought so hard to have our efforts recognized as “real”.

Writing is hard enough. Writing under a constant cloud of judgment is harder. But writing while having your career undermined by someone from your own circle intent on cheating their way to the top is hardest of all.

As as said in my tweet the other day, a win for Faleena Hopkins is a LOSS for us all. That applies to any author, romance or otherwise, who tries to cheat the system, whether through trademarks or algorithms. We should all be in this together, not finding ways to claw our way to the top over each other.

#cockygate #tiffanygate

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